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I am full of energy and drive. I make things happen. I'm not afraid to call things into questions, and I like to challenge and be challenged. I love to work with people – for people. I want to create moving communications with sharp content that leaves an impression.

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I am a structured, experienced project manager to have on hand when the going gets tough. I like challenges and clever solutions. I’ve worked on everything from sponsorship projects such as the Stena Match Cup Sweden, for several years, to carrying out large and small tours.

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I am passionate about exceeding customer expectations, and I have an excellent eye for detail. I am skilled at seeing the big picture and tying everything together smoothly. My service industry background has given me valuable experience with various needs and desires. The best thing I can think of is to deliver experiences that people remember and that last. Kyrk-style is the result of my split personality as an artist and a perfectionist.

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I see my surroundings in colors and shapes; I am extremely interested in details. I consider myself a perceptive person with a broad frame of reference, and I am skilled at making associations. I am curious, dedicated, and solution-oriented. I am highly ambitious, and perhaps a bit of an overachiever at times. I always try to have a positive aura, and I meet setbacks with humor. Humor is essential. I love to travel and do so often, and I enjoy life to the fullest.

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I am curious, passionate about many things, and a bit tricky as a person. I see things that most people do not see. I am an entertainer, an innovator, and a lover of good food, which is evident. I have multiple handicaps, but above all, a single in golf. I have worked in most sectors, primarily in the apparel and retail industries.

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I have an enormous heart and a smile that could probably melt the North Pole. Did someone say meticulous? I am highly motivated and value punctuality in my work. I love to plan and organize, which I get to do endlessly as a production and project manager. Seeing the “wow” reaction among participants at a successful event makes me happy. I gave Australia a try, but I feel more for Tredjelånggatan. Because WE ARE MORE!

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I am a social creator. I love new ideas and new people: I am utterly fearless when it comes to new contacts. According to my friends, I can seem absent-minded at times, but I always blame my artistic side. I occasionally have ideas that require more than I had initially anticipated. I have a contact network that spans all levels: press, artists, celebrities, opinion shapers and corporate leaders.

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I do everything with a great deal of heart, dedication, passion and humor. I love engaging communication. I am the link between the customer and the creator, and I am a quality controller who always makes sure that what we do is relevant and speaks to the heart at the same time. I have worked on everything from major truck launches in Asia to public transportation in Skåne.

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I am a committed worker bee with a strong goal-oriented focus, and I am always quick to laugh. I believe in communication that touches people. I want to make a difference. I’ve worked on everything from exciting tours and store events to sponsor activations. I always make sure to garnish with an extra sprig of dill on top.

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I am an ambitious girl who likes design and typography. My strengths consist of being structured, effective and I embrace challenges. I enjoy developing creative solutions and a well-executed original work makes me happy. I love owls, Harry Potter and pasta Carbonara. Horses are my passion and in the stable, I find peace.

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I am committed and positive, with a constant desire to always exceed expectations. Sharp news angles are my thing: creating favorable publicity that makes a difference. I have worked with PR and communications for many years, and I’ve established excellent relationships with the Swedish press. I am a PR consultant with the key to a good PR investment.

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I am a dedicated, curious and resourceful person with a strong feel for style, detail and materials. I find it easiest to express myself through color and form. I am a designer and 3D architect with experience in graphic and spatial design. I have Balkan roots, and I studied in Milan, Italy. I love cherries, dancing, and cozying up on Fridays to watch the show På Spåret with my partner and our yorkie, Gatsby.

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I am joyful. I love the good things in life, maybe a little too much sometimes. Mornings are not my best time of day, but I can function. I am a small-town person in a big city suit; that is, I love relationships in every form. I love to hang out and chat, or as we say in Gothenburg, “tjöta” for a bit. I am someone who sees solutions rather than problems. I like to combine technique, experience and theory. No matter what needs to be delivered, produced, or established, I can do it. When it comes down to the moment of truth, I am at my best.

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You will find me beneath a sly and charming exterior. No obstacle is too great for this earthy girl to overcome. I am competitive and strong. I am a team player who loves to organize and coordinate. If there is something to help out with, I am the first one on the scene: you can count on me. If you are wondering where I’m most likely to be on a night off, it is on a fashionable boulevard in Gothenburg in the company of a plate of steak tartare and a glass of red wine.

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We are communication consultants. We believe that a product or service is never better than the experience of the recipient. An experience is highly individual. It is not absolute. That is what makes effective communication so powerful.

Relevent is a collective of a strong individuals with a variety of skills. We are 17 people with diverse experience in all of the communication disciplines. We are a glorious cacophony of generalists and specialists. We are young and old, in both age and spirit. We are women and men, equally distributed. We do not believe in strategy without tactics, nor do we believe in tactics without strategy. We have experience, but we are also curious about what is not done, which is what we call innovation. We cannot be everywhere, but we have an incredible craving and drive to learn.

In a strange way, it is our differences that unite us.
Association communication


Association communication is one of the hardest things to do, but if you do it right, it is the most effective channel to reach people’s hearts. To sponsor a group, elite athletes, individualists who see their sport as an art, and to get them to act as a collective – is that possible? Burn did it, with our help. We created a collective in which people could continue to be individuals while belonging to a community, to share experiences, knowledge, and – especially – to have a group of friends to hang out with on trips all over the world.

Other riders noticed Burn Nordic, which quickly became a community to which many people wanted to belong, and that fostered and facilitated collaboration for Burn.
Graphic profile

Göteborgs Auktionsverk

A clear profile and identity are behind every successful brand. We work to modify, clarify and create something new. We help our clients build a strong core, create a graphic profile, and establish strategies for how to best reach their target audience. Because the challenge of all communications is not to reach out – but to reach in.

The assignment for Göteborgs Auktionsverk (Gothenburg’s Auction House) was to create new core values, a clearer identity, and a graphic profile.
Experience communication


Several brands have experienced success by being present and meeting their target audience “live”. People are generally quite choosy these days, and demand for transparency and honesty is high. That is precisely why the “live meeting” is extremely central. Affecting people generates incredible loyalty, curiosity, circulation and likeability. People like to share and be involved.

We help our clients with everything from developing a communication strategy for the experience to production.

We are deeply proud to be one of the few agencies in the world to get to work with Apple. Together, we have created several meetings for their most important customers in both Sweden and London.

AGA Rangemaster

Via PR, we help our clients build brands that create demand, promote sales, and drive influence in the right direction. We have established close, excellent relationships with the Swedish press, and we stay continuously updated on the fast media landscape that surrounds us today. We work strategically and creatively with both new and traditional media. We offer consulting, media training, press conferences and ongoing PR work to create optimal conditions for successful communication. We get the message.

AGA Rangemaster, one of the world’s leading range cooker companies, is one of our PR clients.
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